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The Two Butchers of Palestine Are

Signing Off Until 2024

"Happy Holidays" is a Cruel Joke

Will Bourgois Law and Electoral Politics Really Save Us from (the) Fascist Creep?

Against Normalization, Genocide

The Four Horsemen of the Capitalist-Imperialist Apocalypse

On Bad Terminology, Misused Words

On Bad and Slanderous Terminology

The Sick Imperialist Bastard “Genocide Joe” Biden Has Found Another Way to Re-Elect the Malignant Fascist Donald Trump

Solving the Climate Crisis Will Require Revolution

Frank Bruni Discovers Donald Trump’s “Budding” Fascism

What Would it Take for You to Become a Revolutionary?

“The Only Democracy in the Middle East”

A Double Standard to Say the Least

This Wednesday Night: Q&A with Yours Truly and Fellow Refuse Fascism Editorial Board Members Coco Das and Samantha Goldman

On Village Idiot Fascism Denial

Center the System, Build for Revolution

Center The System

Masters of War Street Cover #52

Dear Dahlia, What Democracy?

The Republi-Fascist Specter Looms

Beyond "I Me, My, Mine"

Four False Conflations Regarding the US-Israel Crucifixion of Gaza

Mass Death, Catastrophe, War, and Fascism Normalized

Mass Death, Catastrophe, War, and Fascism Normalized

The "Horseshoe Theory of Politics"

Re-Polarize, Expand Your Mind, Reject False Dualities

Re-Polarize Beyond False Dualisms

Free Palestine

"This is a Dark Time in America"

Let’s Stop Being Surprised

The No History Rule: Everything’s New

Imperial Hypocrisy and Manufacturing Consent

I Don't Need the Lecture

Masters of War Version #47

The US-Israel "Special Relationship"

Trumpism-Fascism Keeps on Ticking

Rev-o-lution v. Rev-enge

Trumpism-Fascism Marches On

"We Have Your Back": Uncle Sam's Judeo-Fascist Creature

Trump's Fascist Campaign Promises

More Death and Destruction for Gaza

"Some Perspective Now From New York Times Foreign Affairs Columnist Thomas Friedman"

US-American Imperialism Deleted

Nether the Fascist Trump Nor Imperialist Biden

My Uncle Connie Freed's Death in World WWII

Hey Joe, Where You Runn’n With That Bullshit in Your Mouth?

America the Beautiful

The Latest Debt Ceiling Crisis and Likely Government Shutdown

Obama’s Fake Concern for Autoworkers and the 2009 Auto Bailout

Trumpenleft YouTuber Jimmy F'ng Dore

"The Painful Legacy the War Left on Both Our Nations"

"The Painful Legacy the War Left on Both Our Nations"

We Aren't Returning to "Normalcy"

No More Returns to Bourgeois-Democratic Normalcy

Too Bourgeois

Addressing the Audacity Gap: Why the Revcoms Lit Up the American Flag at Jason Aldean’s Fascist Shit-Show in Tinley Park

Protest Fascist Sundown Town Crooner Jason Aldean

The Dishwasher's Running

Try That in a Sundown Town

Messing around in the Key of C

The Chicago (Non-)Defender’s Cowardly Cuddle

On Refusing Fascism

Obama's Bullshit, A Follow-Up

Thanks for Trump, Obama, Part 2

Thanks for Trump (and Biden), Obama

Eleanor Rigby

Rescuing the Word "Radical"

Masters of War

Will it Take a Socialist Revolution to Incarcerate Trump?

A Many Sided Marx

Beyond Wishful Thinking and Wrong Conviction

Why the Potentially Deadly Delay in the January 6 Trump Indictment?

The Alabama Boat Brawl of Twenty Twenty-Three

The Laughable Trump Myth of Marxist Academia

The New United States Civil War is Heating Up

A Race, Sports, Family, Music, Neighborhood, and Car Theft Memoir and Reflection

America's Proto-Fascist Red Scare, 1917-21

On US Imperialism and Hiroshima

“The System is Working”?

On Yesterday's January 6 Indictments

"The Ruling Class as a Whole"

Something Else is Needed

The Center Cannot Hold

Capitalism: The Nightmare (September 20, 2017)

The Best Lack All Conviction While the Worst are Full of Passionate Intensity

Some Wage Labor Stories From Back in the Day

Another "Oldy but Goody"

Deep State, Sheepdog/Judas Goat, Cargo Cult, and Constitution

Something short to read before seeing the Oppenheimer movie

Put Away the Champagne

"The Donald Can Happen Here"

An "Oldy But Goody" from February 2019

The Republifascists Will F*#k with Capitalism to Some Degree

Reflections on Red v. Blue America

The Bible Buffet

The Man in the Long Black Coat

Normalizing Fascism

Proud to be a Communist

Donald Trump Wants to Deport Radicals “That Grew Up Here”

Refuse Fascism Podcast: SCOTUS Openly Advances Fascism

"The Future Belongs to Everybody"

“Your Celebration is a Sham”

The Fascist Leader Trump Has Called for the Deportation of US Marxists "That Grew Up Here"

The Anti-Affirmative Action Ruling, Dobbs, and Other Supreme Christian Fascist Horrors

High Court Calculations

Marx’s Mistakes Were Not at All Disqualifying

Everything is Broken

"American Democracy"

Presidential Pacification and Abortion Rights

Look at Homo Sapiens on the Run in the Twenty Twenty-ees

Race, Gender, Capitalism

Racism, Patriarchy, and the Rise of Capitalism

Radical v. Bourgeois Thinking on Racism and Patriarchy

Taking the next two or so weeks off Writing (Not Talking) on Substack

No Solution to Climate Catastrophe

No Choice but to Indict Trump

“We Stand Up to the Marxists”

Disturbing Revelations: Ron DeFascist's Plans for “Dachau Disney”

The Federal Trump Indictments and the Living Fascist Menace

Socialist Revolution Over Ecocidal Capitalism

My Earlier 5-Part Series titled "The Lame US Left: 17 Afflictions"

Status Quo Joe's Vicious Debt Ceiling "Deal"

Status Quo Joe's Vicious Debt Ceiling "Deal"

Violence is Not Required for Triple-Branch Republi-fascist Rule

On the Continuing Carnage in Ukraine

The World Will Not Mourn the Decline of U.S. Hegemony

De-Sentimentalizing May

"Woke Insanity"

Cave Man Joe and Other "Liberal" Caving Enthusiasts

Travels Through "the Trumpocene"

The “Shining City on a Hill” is Full of Fascists at Civil War, Part 4

"Court Reform"

The “Shining City on a Hill” is Full of Fascists at Civil War

"His Ideology Might Be Linked to his Motive"

The “Shining City on a Hill” is Full of Fascists at Civil War

Dialogues and Debates

“You Can Do Anything”

Interview on the Trump Indictment, Republi-Fascism, and More

No Fascism to See Here

"Not Even a Win"

Radical Reflections on Some Bad Left and Liberal Slogans, Maxims, and Narratives

America Your “Shining City on a Hill” is Full of Fascists at Civil War

Fascism and the War on Abortion

Biden Got His Catholic Irish On

“We’ll Show’em at the Ballot Box”

Why the Republi-fascists Won't Relent on Guns

Amerikaner Fascisation Marches On

Don’t Laugh Off Fascism

Putin Leftism and Confused Anti-Imperialism

The “Socialist" Democrats? Seriously?

No War with Russia

Three Signs of Surrender

My Early 2021 Critique of the Trumpenleft

Radical Reflections on France on Fire

Lost and Found

Refuse Fascism Podcast

Herr Trump's Having a Fascist Freakout

Shooter Nation

Christian Fascist Matthew Kacsmaryk’s Coming Ruling

Medhi Hasan Made a Sound Criticism of Chris Hedges

F*#k the Courts and the Legislators - and Walgreens

Four More Western Falsehoods

Beware Distraction

Capitalist Higher Education Didn’t Break the American Dream

The Lame Left

“Erase the Memory" to "Erase a People”

Ukraine War Reflection

Gee It’s Nice Your State is Blue

The Fascist Cancer Has Spread

The Horrors of Capitalism

The Lame Left

Let's Get Over "It Can’t Happen Here"

The Lame Left, Part 3

Joe Biden's State of the Union Address

"There's Always Hope"

The Horror of Amerika

The Lame Left

The Whole Damn System

Best Wishes

The Lame US Left: Seventeen Afflictions

Kill Capitalism

Is “Authoritarianism” Really “Being Revealed to be Weak” Around World?

Beware False Claims of Victory Over Fascism

The Long Bourgeois Doctrinal Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Latin Americans Can Call Fascist Coup Attempts Fascist but US-Americans Can’t

A Brief Interview on The Reptile, Narcissism, Fascism and January 6th

The latest Refuse Fascism Podcast

Keep Down the Fascism Detectors