Opera: The Eve Of Distruction

Place:Playing everywhere.

Time:Playing 24/7

Price: 50% (world)GDP

Cast: all of us

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Yea, China next. Gotta get the R's on board for all out war on both sides. The House voted all-in to release the origins of covid via blaming China for the DoD fiasco. Whenever they all vote for the same thing, its not good.

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Mar 10, 2023·edited Mar 10, 2023Liked by Paul Street

On Arkhipov, who is now the theme of an opera:


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Mar 11, 2023·edited Mar 11, 2023

There is a great "silence" from Ukraine. Voices of opposition, voices for peace NOW, voices to stop escalation, from within Ukraine are.........100% ABSENT from US MSM. Only the Azov view prevails.

Brandon has pinned the US into a cement-shoes position. No coming out now. Thanks Pres Brandon.

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